Tourism And Hotel Management General Information

      Head of Department
: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güney ÇETİN GÜRKAN

      Today, the contribution of tourism, which is called as chimney industry, to the country's economy takes a big part. The importance of the issue is more evident when considered in many sectors that contribute directly or indirectly to the tourism industry. In developed economies, the service sector has a continuous growth trend. In our country, such a growth is clearly seen in the tourism sector. The growth in the tourism sector increases the need for people who have higher education in the field of tourism management. Forward-looking predictions indicate that this need will increase further.

      The aim of the program is to train qualified personnel who are able to continuously monitor the innovations that the foreign language needs of the sector.

      Considering the share of our country from tourism revenues, our region has a very low income share. The main aim of the program is to create new tourism opportunities in the historical city of Edirne and Thrace and to provide the qualified tourists to come to the region and to meet the need of qualified personnel to be established for this purpose.

      Students who graduate from the program will be given the title of tourism profession. Graduates can be employed in educational institutions or they will be employed in enterprises in the sector.
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